Photos: Joel Echelberger Photography www.joelechelberger.com


Cleveland based Kriadiaz was formed in 2010 by former Mushroomhead guitarist Dave Felton. He is joined by fellow long time friends Bryan Trembley (bass), Emery Ceo (drums) and Mike Ruz (lead vocals).

This is an outfit who’s influence drips with southern sludge metal in the vein of Pantera, Crowbar and Black Sabbath, Down while also incorporating their own brand of groove.

Combining gritty guitar riffs, earth shaking bass lines, pounding drums and Killer vocals, kriadiaz knows how to deliver well crafted songs and musicianship. Stand out tracks include “Blood Line”, “Feed The Rats”, “Long Time Gone” and “Soul Chaser”.

“We wanted the record to sound organic. A Raw old School vibe with a modern twist that captures the instruments as they are. We didn’t use any samples and we all played our own parts with out any digital doctoring.” says guitarist Dave Felton “Its Heavy Metal. What can I say? Of course we wanted it to be heavy and badass so that its a good time for both fans and bands alike. ..and that’s exactly what it is. A great F…in time!”

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