Emery Ceo


Emery Ceo – Drums

A seasoned veteran behind the kit and a longtime friend to the rest of his bandmates, Emery Ceo is the ideal man to handle the percussive duties.  Always playing exactly what is right for the song, while also showing a natural and versatile musical chemistry with everyone he plays with.  With an arsenal of drumming techniques that range from death metal to delta blues, you never know what he’s got up his sleeve.  For this metal outfit, you’ll hear a throwback style in the vein of Ginger Baker, Craig Nunenmacher, and John Bonham that never misses the mark.  From bluesy solos to shredding metal, Emery’s heavy handed drum bashing lays the perfect foundation for KRIADIAZ.

Mike Ruz

Mike Ruz – Vocals

Old school metal, good beer, kick ass BBQ, and having a good time are just a few of the things that can explain KRIADIAZ frontman Mike Ruz.  A longtime rhythm guitar player, singer, and metal purist, he brings a certain musicality to his vocal delivery.  Most are surprised to learn that this is the first band Mike has fronted as a lyricist/vocalist, considering the content of his writing and performance.  Mike uses a natural ability to cryptically deliver lyrics about the day to day grind and/or comment on the disgusting plights of mankind.  Delivering the message with a healthy balance of raw emotion and violent provocation…pay attention, because this vocalist actually has something to say.

Bryan Trembley


Bryan Trembley – Bass

The bass guitar is a stringed instrument played primarily with the fingers or thumb, by plucking, slapping, popping, tapping, thumping, or picking with a plectrum. KRIADIAZ bassist Bryan Trembley cannot be so easily defined. Bryan is an account rep for SIT Strings and a veteran player of the 4 stringed instrument that rounds off the rhythm section. Its safe to say that this dude lives, eats, and breathes bass guitar. Both staples in the Cleveland metal scene, Dave and Bryan knew each other long before guitar strings were the focal point. Looking to get back onstage and do what he does best, Bryan kept telling Dave, “If you start another band, I want the job”. Trembley was the first and only name in the hat when Felton was looking for a bass player. A true metalhead to the core, keeping the tunes grounded with low end and throwing down at every single show.

Dave Felton


Dave Felton – Guitar

In a musical culture becoming more dependent and/or relying on digital doctoring, sampling, and editing,  stands  defiant guitarist Dave Felton.  A serious practitioner of “heavy” music, his guitar playing and songwriting focuses on tone, soul, structure, and most of all…the riff.  Not satisfied with how he was being sonically presented and unimpressed with the “industry standards”, Dave took matters into his own hands.  As a musical experiment out of necessity and frustration, he wrote, performed, and produced a 5 song demo called ‘Dave’s Heavy Duty Demo’.   A shoestring budget didn’t stop him from achieving the raw and brutal sonic integrity that has nearly been bled dry from the genre.  Little did he know this throw n’ go demo would be the genesis of KRIADIAZ and eventually get a distribution deal with Pavement Entertainment.  This entire process has not only been a great time, but also a form of musical liberation.  For over a decade, Dave had to deal with limitations on his playing while in former bands, no longer.  From doomy riffs inspired by Sabbath and Crowbar, to shredding solos fueled by Yngwie Malmsteen and Randy Rhodes…this player is not to be denied or ignored.  The coming years will define KRIADIAZ to the world and will redefine Dave “Gravy” Felton as a legitimate force in the universe of metal guitar. | |