Dave Felton


Dave Felton – Guitar

In a musical culture becoming more dependent and/or relying on digital doctoring, sampling, and editing,  stands  defiant guitarist Dave Felton.  A serious practitioner of “heavy” music, his guitar playing and songwriting focuses on tone, soul, structure, and most of all…the riff.  Not satisfied with how he was being sonically presented and unimpressed with the “industry standards”, Dave took matters into his own hands.  As a musical experiment out of necessity and frustration, he wrote, performed, and produced a 5 song demo called ‘Dave’s Heavy Duty Demo’.   A shoestring budget didn’t stop him from achieving the raw and brutal sonic integrity that has nearly been bled dry from the genre.  Little did he know this throw n’ go demo would be the genesis of KRIADIAZ and eventually get a distribution deal with Pavement Entertainment.  This entire process has not only been a great time, but also a form of musical liberation.  For over a decade, Dave had to deal with limitations on his playing while in former bands, no longer.  From doomy riffs inspired by Sabbath and Crowbar, to shredding solos fueled by Yngwie Malmsteen and Randy Rhodes…this player is not to be denied or ignored.  The coming years will define KRIADIAZ to the world and will redefine Dave “Gravy” Felton as a legitimate force in the universe of metal guitar.

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