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Heavy is good. Heavy done right is even better. Now throw in really stellar influences all while making it your own sound. Well, that, my friends, is a great place to be when releasing an album. Thankfully this very bit of advice is what Cleveland’s own Kriadiaz has done with their self-titled debut. Since 2010, Dave Felton from Mushroomhead and these metal slingers have been bringing the mud-hole stomping, and does this debut ever pack some punch! Taking much love from the masters Pantera, Crowbar, Down, with hints of Lamb Of God, and a Black Sabbath type of ominousness, Kriadiaz have crafted a very heavy solid 90?s era heavy metal album that kicks teeth down throats with no chance of apology!

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7 locations Northern California

Sound Garden

2 stores –  Baltimore, MD, Syracuse, NY

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Bethel , CT

Dimple – 6 Stores

Sacramento, CA

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Brookings, OR

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7 Stores in Colorado

Music Millennium

Portland, OR

Newbury Comics  – 28 Stores in New England

CT, Maine, Massachusetts, New
Hampshire, Road Island

Silver Platters

3 Stores Seattle, WA

Zia – 6 stores

Phoenix, AZ, Tucson, AZ. Las Vegas, NV

Rolling Stone

Chicago, IL

AEC  National

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National One Stop that services thousands of independent

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